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Registry Easy Review -
Is It Effective?

Registry Easy Review Registry Easy is an incredibly popular registry cleaner, with more and more people using it to clean their computers.

However, we want to know if it actually works... and more importantly - will it speed up your computer significantly.

Let's find out how effective Registry Easy really is:

Registry Easy At A Glance

Registry Easy Review

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Our Overall Rating:

RegEasy Review


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Registry Easy : Overall Analysis

While not thought of as the most popular registry repair software on the market, it is very functional (actually possibly offers the most bonus features of any program we've reviewed).

Registry Easy works with all versions of Windows 98 and later including Vista.

Registry cleaners are much the same - with similar features and advantages of using them. The two we have just reviewed before this were more or less the exact same with a different name on them, how ever when we first landed on the Registry Easy website, we immediately felt something was different.

It wasn't long into this Registry Easy review that we found their features list (which is quite long),showing us that this isn't just a registry repair tool, but it handles a lot of other system management issues as well.

Registry Easy First Impressions

Immediately on startup, you are presented with a clean and bright interface. As the name implies, "Registry Easy" has been designed to be an easy registry cleaner to use.

registry easy features

For more detailed screen shots and images of the scanning process click here.

Scanning Ability

Upon performing a scan with Registry Easy, the time taken to perform a complete system scan was typically around 5 minutes. This is considered normal.

After the scan was complete there was a list of errors and items found that the software suggested be deleted or repaired. An impressive feature was the way we could choose which items were changed. This meant we could simply go through the list and check off which items I wanted to be left alone. This is an important feature to ensure nothing that shouldn't be deleted or modified is.

Of course there is an auto repair option as well in the Registry Easy registry cleaner. This will cause the program to just repair all items it finds during it's scan. Most times you're safe to allow Registry easy to repair the items for you, but for those that like the added control it's nice to scroll through the list to see what was found.

Security Measures Of Registry Easy

Registry Easy has a great feature which allows you to BACKUP your systems registry before it begins changing it. This not only gives you a fail-safe to fall back on should any important aspects of the registry be deleted... but it also allows you to invest more faith into the registry cleaner download.

Registry Easy, as other programs do, has a backup registry feature, plus a restore point option. This is a little more in depth then most registry cleaners provides. Restore points aren't just a backup, but a complete system snap shot in time of all the settings on your PC. This is one of the best backup utility we have seen in any registry repair software.

Registry Easy Bonus Features

Some features we thought were nice extra bonuses include:

  • Duplicate File Cleaner
  • 'Evidence' Cleaner
  • System Optimizer
  • Add/remove Program Manager
  • Internet Explorer restore
  • Memory Tweak

These are all bonus features of Registry Easy that help enhance your PC's performance and manage your file structure. This was a big plus for me while doing the Registry Easy review, I didn't get to test all those features, but having them there for the same cost as every other registry cleaner was worth it.

Registry Easy Review Summary

All in all I think this is the nicest registry repair software we have reviewed. I like the look of the interface, I like the add ons, and I really like the backup and security features. For the money and features this is probably going to be my top pick for PC registry cleaners. They offer the free scan utility, and full refund if you're not happy with the programs performance.

I recommend you download the free scan utility, and run it on your PC. This will get your feet wet with the Registry Easy interface, and let you know if you have any registry errors that are slowing things down.